Class Information

6 to 12 months

Classes run weekly – enquire for availability in your area

Duration of this class is 30 minutes

This class is designed equally for children as well as parents and carers! This is often the first group activity you have participated in with your child so it’s important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. The Music Box introduces music through textures and pattern play. The children are primarily learning through you so you (parent/carer) join in all the activities with your children. Percussion instruments, lap plays, scarves and ribbons as well as soft toys and parachutes are used in conjunction with the music. There’s lots of positive reinforcement in this class and all students are allowed to achieve at their own rate.

12 to 24 months

Classes run weekly – enquire for availability in your area

Duration of this class is 30 minutes

In this age group children are discovering music in a different way through patterns, textures, movement and games. Patterns are such an important part of not only music but a myriad of applications we all use on a daily basis so it is imperative that it is instilled at a young age. We achieve this through lap play games/rhymes, stop/start music activities, peek’a’boo and hiding games as well as dances and prop games. Children in this age group are also discovering new percussion instruments to play as well as props such as parachutes, ribbons, plush toy characters, and flash cards.

2 to 3 years

Classes run weekly – enquire for availability in your area

Duration of this class is 40 minutes

The 2-3’s are not only discovering music in different ways, but they are becoming aware that there are other people around them! Social awareness, independence, sharing and respecting other students is introduced, promoted and encouraged in this class. This takes time and care! The Music Box creates an environment that is supportive, non-threatening and positive. The children may become more adventurous with their imagination and we extend their ‘pattern’ knowledge further. We endeavor to find their ‘singing voice’ and encourage them to use it often to promote confidence, language skills and to discover activities they participated in previous classes in a different and more challenging way.

3 to 4 years

Classes run weekly – enquire for availability in your area

Duration of this class is 40 minutes

The 3-4’s can be quite sophisticated in their language, imaginations and comprehension of various musical qualities. It’s time to make these musical elements conscious. Conscious learning of such elements as beat, rhythm, fast, slow, loud and soft are an important next step in their musical journey. The children are asked more questions about the music they are listening to and how it’s relevant to this new knowledge they have acquired. The Music Box arms the students with musical tools to apply in a variety of applications such as, instrument play, dances, musical ‘problem solving’, story telling and composition.

4 to 5 years

Classes run weekly – enquire for availability in your area

Duration of this class is 40 minutes

The 4-5’s are (in most cases) getting ready for school the following year! Not only are the musical elements conscious, the games and activities far more advanced, they are now being applied to actual music through notation, Reading and writing music! We also look at musical forms and structures through dances, games, imagination prop and ‘white board’ activities. Decision making and working as a team becomes very important in this class. The 4-5’s have a strong sense of likes and dislikes so working with partners or in a section can be difficult. The Music Box provides an environment where the children can express themselves positively as well as being respectful of others and achieve at their own pace.

The journey of music for children as well as adults is never ending, the passion to facilitate that journey and nurture young creative minds is a life long mission. Musicality isn’t a switch that can be turned on or off, it’s always there! and needs to be activated responsibly, literally, honestly and Immediately! As one age group of children and their developmental milestones melt into the next, Music Box is there to excite, engage and entrance pre-school children through the power and fun of music.
Jon Roberts


“ I’m not musical at all and I can’t sing, should I sing to my child?”

Yes of course you can! Any form of musical interaction you can have with your child is extremely beneficial! Not to mention fun and rewarding.

“What age is the “right” age to start music classes?”

From before your child is even born they are absorbing all sorts of information especially music! Musical education should start straight away as the educational qualities cannot be underestimated.

"What do I do if my child wanders around and doesn't participate?”

Children should be encouraged to “join in” and participate all the time although all children are unique and work at their own pace! I believe that music should “draw” them in, NOT “force” them in. Just like adults, children will always like/enjoy some activities more than others and these can change often quite randomly!

“ Why do we hear the same songs and rhymes throughout the program?”

Repetition is Key! Children absolutely thrive on it and it builds their confidence as well. Just like re-watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite songs over and over, children will discover NEW things in the music as well as improve at implementing certain musical qualities.

"My child has just had a birthday, should we be moving up to the next age group now?”

The Music Box program has been carefully designed to cater for your child’s specific developmental milestones. If you were to “jump” 12 months ahead your child may feel overwhelmed and lose confidence as the children in most cases would be up to 12 months older than your child.

There are many more and varied questions along the way in your child’s Music Box journey, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m always happy to chat!!